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Entrepreneurial Talent Search

Geographic Location: Remote



DynaMundo is a vibrant, research-driven, interdisciplinary advisory firm of experts with experience in consulting and modeling. We partner with clients to solve complex, international, organizational problems through a unique combination of engineering-based modeling and participatory group facilitation.

DynaMundo is searching for a motivated candidate to serve in a long-term, part-time, remote position in furtherance of DynaMundo’s business, commercial, and/or managerial opportunities. The ideal candidate has a mix of professional and academic experiences centered around communicating complex ideas in simple terms, is very entrepreneurial and self-motivating in spirit, and enjoys building and maintaining strong relationships. 

This position may range from engaging with potential and current clients communicating DynaMundo’s services and capabilities, commercializing System Dynamics modeling and Systems Thinking in a diverse, global market, managing a team of business developers, or managing the performance goals and benchmarks of the DynaMundo team. Thinking about System Dynamics in a novel, commercial, and practical way is a must, with the goal of increasing its application within global industries. This is a leadership position well-suited for a professional, analytical, and ambitious individual who is enthusiastic to learn and grow. While there is no “ideal candidate” that resonates with every single aspect of this opportunity, a highly competitive candidate will also have a growth mindset to build their capabilities and receive constructive feedback.

The position will start as soon as possible. Candidates directly available will be prioritized. Contingent on experience and fit, this position will have different compensation mechanisms, such as an equal stake in profit from direct partnership or commission basis from contracted work.

Please apply by sending Operations Director, Alan Mozaffari,, over email the following, with a subject title “Entrepreneurial Talent Search”:

1) a Resume/CV, 
2) a cover letter detailing your interest, which aspects of the job description excite you the most, and how your skills and experience explicitly best suit those aspects.
3) at the end of the cover letter, add 1-2 questions you have about the job description, as well as 1-2 short- and long-term actionable goals you would have in this position with their proposed metrics

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