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Analyzing Broad Welfare: A DynaMundo Perspective


The concept of broad welfare emerges as a revolutionary paradigm, challenging traditional economic growth models and advocating for a comprehensive approach to prosperity. DynaMundo, aligned with the Dutch Alliance of Broad Prosperity, utilizes systems thinking and participative group facilitation to redefine success beyond neoliberal metrics, emphasizing the importance of diverse welfare indicators in shaping economic narratives.

The Challenge

Current economic indicators, particularly Gross Domestic Product (GDP), are insufficient in addressing the full spectrum of socio-economic and ecological factors essential for sustainable development. The complexity of integrating broader welfare metrics into national strategies presents a significant challenge, as it demands an understanding of the intricate effects of policy changes across various societal domains.

The Innovative Approach

In response to this challenge, DynaMundo employs systems thinking to navigate the complexities of broad welfare. This approach involves comprehensive mapping of interrelationships and the utilization of advanced software to simulate and analyze the potential outcomes of various policy alternatives, facilitating a deeper understanding of the trade-offs involved.

DynaMundo's Role

DynaMundo champions the need for government and governance structures that support the broad welfare narrative. Advocating for governmental buy-in and citizen engagement, DynaMundo draws inspiration from international examples to propose innovative governance models, such as a Court of “Broad Welfare” Auditors, aimed at enhancing policy transparency and inclusivity.

The Outcomes

DynaMundo’s facilitation and systems analysis yield multiple benefits for clients, including the ability to anticipate policy outcomes, balance trade-offs, and lead initiatives with greater confidence and clarity. This empowers clients to effectively contribute to the broad welfare narrative and implement sustainable development practices within their organizations.

The Way Forward with DynaMundo

DynaMundo’s approach is iterative and adaptive, recognizing that the shift to broad welfare is a long-term process that requires patience and persistence. By equipping clients with the necessary tools and insights, DynaMundo facilitates the gradual cultural and organizational shift towards a more inclusive and sustainable definition of welfare.


The journey toward broad welfare is a transformative process, and DynaMundo is committed to supporting clients every step of the way. With a focus on research-driven, holistic strategies, DynaMundo stands as a catalyst for change, enabling clients to redefine welfare and leave a lasting legacy in the infrastructure landscape.

Engage with DynaMundo and take the first step towards finding holistic and effective solutions to your complex challenges. Visit our website and explore the world of opportunities that systems thinking opens up.

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