DynaMundo is a think tank - a group of academics and researchers developing policy and strategy action ideas - that embraces a deeper understanding of issues arising in complex environments.

DynaMundo advocates for structural solutions to support the strategic development of territories, communities and organizations, based on advanced mathematical simulation, systems thinking and multidisciplinary analysis

Through the development of virtual and practical laboratories,  innovative strategies and policy ideas can be tested before implementing them in the real world. 

With offices in the Netherlands and the United States, representatives in Europe, North and South America and Asia and thanks to our global network, clients can rely on a team of leading researchers that will keep a close focus on local reality.

Towards policy effectiveness

We develop research to gain insights into the complex interrelationships that drive public policy and business into desired directions. 

Our group of experts analyzes policy issues from a multi-level perspective supported by advanced quantitative methods to deliver evidence-based solutions.

We prompt the involvement of societal representatives and the participation of universities and research centers to develop robust, collective solutions. 


Areas of Practice

Economic policy

To develop economic policy and financial strategies, it is necessary to systematically explore the complex dynamics of the economy. How does computer-simulation accelerate the understanding of financial systems to reduce uncertainty and risky?

Geopolitics & world-systems

The relative tranquil period after World War II is being challenged by an increasing number of conflicts and political tensions around the world. With newly elected governments in the US, Europe and Asia, new alliances are being formed; but what are the deeper reasons behind new alliances and potential conflict?


Sustainable development 

The major challenge of the 21th century in many regions around the world: how to improve economic conditions and wellbeing for a growing population without jeopardizing the natural environment on which such development depends?

Energy & resources

We are experiencing a time of unexpected commodity and energy price fluctuations. Production and demand centers are also shifting at a fast pace: how to find a balance between government intervention and free markets action to achieve supply goals in a sustainable way?

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